Is all about

Our story

Behind Mevier there is a group of designer, engineers, but above all, a group of technology enthusiasts. This group was born among the university corridors of the Polytechnic of Milan. It was immediately an international team made up of several people of the most diverse nationalities, thanks to the university campus. Campus that with the title of being among one of the best 200 universities in the world It is a strong international destination.

Over time the group has carried out several lucky projects until it is consolidated with the establishment of a real company: “ Mevier technology private limited ”. Today this group has expanded, surrounded by many specialists in the sector that share the same passions and ambitions.

We are all grateful for this fragment of common history and we hope that the future can only continue on this path

Our Manifesto

Company as a POSSIBILITY

we are a group of different people with different life, skills and attitudes but we are all accumulated by the idea that it is up to us to improve our self and our world.

We have built Mevier around this idea.

Company as a GROUP

we are certain that it is in the group that we can find the synergy in order to scale and solve also impossible problems. For this reason we work on our self, together.

We have built Mevier around this idea.

Company as a DEVOTION

We know that every shiny object takes a long time to polish, this is why every time we remand us to persevere and how important it is not waste occasioned.

We have built Mevier around this idea.

Company as a VISION

It is through this medium that we have decided to create our viral solution and it is thanks to all the people who come in contact that is possible.

We have built Mevier around this idea.

Technologies Used

This is what powers our solutions for your business.
We’re extremely proficient in the below and capable of delivering whatever is required.